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Drive sales by collaborating with existing B2B partners.
No matter what CRM.
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Unlock, share and track the massive
sales potential of your partnerships.

Connect Data

Securely share customer and prospect data with your B2B partner(s). Every partner has full control over the level of transparency: from only the company name to full contact details and history, you decide!
More sales opportunities
Connect to a CRM

Share Opportunities

Focus on the best opportunities. Introw automatically suggests hot leads using an
AI-driven ranking algorithm. Alternatively you can push fresh opportunities to your partner.
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Track Sales

Allow your partner(s) to track which introductions converted into deals and measure the value of your partnership.
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Track intructions
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Turn your ecosystem into your highest converting channel

Warm introductions have the highest and fastest conversion rates, at the lowest cost-of-acquisition but require much manual intervention. Until now.
Warm introductions
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Your data. Your rules.

Decide what to share with whom. Don’t worry if your partner can’t or doesn’t want to connect his CRM, thanks to our unique lead sharing tools you won’t miss any opportunity from your partner(s).
Choose which data you share
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Save time while prospecting

Leverage the relationships of your partners and find the best way in through warm introductions.
Never miss out on opportunities.
Leverage the relationships of your partners and find the best way in through warm introductions.
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Measure the success of your sales partnerships

Improve your partnership performance based on actionable insights.
Measure success graph for each month